How to use the Breville Juicer

Juicing has certainly become quite common in the recent past. Many people are quickly adapting to the world of healthy juices. However, you can’t just go for any juicing machine that comes your way. What you need is the best juicer to guarantee you always have healthy juices to drink.


The Breville Juicer blender is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best juice extractor in the market. It is an incredible machine that gets you top-notch performance and long-lasting services. Having a dependable juicer machine ensures that you can keep up with your lifestyle of healthy juices.


Also, note that there are a ton of Breville juicer recipes that you can whip up with your machine. The extensive Breville juicer manual also ensures that you can quickly get the hang of your new machine. Finally, the Breville juicer parts replacement is quite simple and straightforward.


However, today I will walk you through how to use the Breville juicer. Understand that knowing how to properly use your machine to make healthy juices ensures that you get long-lasting services. Considering the fact that your new juice machine is an investment.

Breville Juicer – What to expect

Now, the Breville Juicer comes fully equipped with a powerful 850-watt, centrifugal motor and a 1-liter jug with a foam separator. Therefore, you can quickly produce a batch of fresh, healthy juice with a smooth and clean finish.

Step by step instructional on using the Breville Juicer

Step 1. Assemble your juicer

Note that the juice jug fits under the pulp spout, which gives you more flexibility. Once the jug is in position, clip the silver locking handle. The good news is that your juicer has sturdy components, and you can use a little bit of force the clip into the position.


The user manual contains all the information you need to assemble your juicer quickly. Read through the entire manual and understand all the different parts of your juice extractor. Learning how the different components work will help you get a smooth finish when making healthy juices.

Step 2. Feed-in veg and fruit

Ensure that you feed in veg and fruits into your juice machine one by one. Because you have a large feeding sprout, you will require little prep work. Note that you also don’t need to chop up the fruits or veg into tiny particles when using the Breville juicer.


Your juice machine contains a pusher that helps compress your veggies or fruits down the tube and into the centrifugal blades. The pusher is quite easy to use , and you won’t need any special skill set while performing this step.

Step 3. Continue juicing

You need to keep feeding all the desired ingredients into the juicer. Understand that your Breville juicer separates all the pulp and juice automatically. The juice makes its way into the jug while the pulp goes into the adjacent grey bin.


Ensures that you use the correct speed during the juicing process. Use a faster setting for hard fruits and a slower setting for softer fruits. Vegetables usually need a slow speed setting because they tend to be quite soft.

Step 4. Switch off your juicer machine

Once you are done juicing all the ingredients, it is time you switch off your machine. Most people tend to overlook switching off their machines, which can be quite dangerous. As stated earlier, you have a powerful machine with an 850-watt motor.


Once the Breville juicer is switched off, proceed to unclip the metal locking handle. Doing this will release the different compartments of your machine. You can, therefore, wash all these components easily later on.


Now, you can pour your healthy juice into a glass and enjoy it. The handy foam separating lip and wall will ensure that only smooth, clear juice gets into your glass. Keeping back all the froth and pulp is among the many advantages  you get with the Breville juicer.

Four tips to help keep your Breville Juicer clean

Understand that a clogged screen is among the most common reasons you might have a poor juicer performance. Keeping your machine clean ensures that you get high-end services while minimizing motor strain. The tips below will help ensure you get the most from your juice extractor.

Four tips to help keep your Breville Juicer clean

1: Hold your juicing screen towards the light

Look through your juicing screen in an area with a strong light source. This is the best way to determine whether it is clean or not. Understand that the screen might appear clean when mounted on your juicer when it is quite dirty.

2. Always clean your machine after juicing

The most important aspect that you should never forget is to clean your juicer immediately after use. It is much easier to clean your juicer once you are done with the juicing process. The cleaning step usually takes a few minutes and always guarantees that you have a clean batch during the next cleaning.


However, if you can’t clean your juicer immediately after use, place the different components in a bowl of water. Clean the different parts later on, when you find the time. Understand that doing this will help ensure that the cleaning process is simple and fast.

3. Dry your juicer with a towel

Dry all the different components of your juicer with a clean towel. Understand that most water sources have mineral content that can form deposits on your juicer when left to air dry. Using a clean towel ensures that your machine is ready for the next juicing.


The Breville Juicer blender is an excellent choice if you want healthy juices to drink. You get a high-performance machine that delivers a smooth finish. The good news is that the Breville machine also comes at an affordable price , making it ideal for individuals on a budget.


However, ensure that you purchase this powerful machine from a trusted vendor. Doing this ensures that you get all the benefits of having an extensive warranty.

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