What Is A Convertible Range Hood?

If you love cooking at home, then you need to install a range hood above your stove to avoid spreading smoke, steam, and fumes all over the house. There are various types available differing by the mounting position. Further, your choice will depend on your cooking habits and preferences.


Most people prefer to place their ductless range hood under the cabinet while others can go for the wall or island mount. In this article, we will discuss specifically the convertible range hood and its functionality. Keep reading to gain more insight.

Overview of The Convertible Range Hood

It’s merely a ducted hood that you can convert into ductless using a recirculating kit. With this option, you can install a range hood vent through the wall or ceiling using a duct. The most recent options work well with electric and gas cooking stoves. Due to both vent and ductless functionality, the unit has gained vast popularity.


You can install this system into your house with or without a duct system. The convertible range hood’s ducted option allows you to vent outside, eliminating the awful smells without replacing the filters regularly. The only disadvantage is that the option drives out energy out of your house, even in cold days.


On the other hand, to use the duct-free option, you will need to buy non-ducted filters ad change them between three to six months based on your cooking routines. The filter doesn’t come with the range hood package, and you will have to purchase it along with the unit. This option’s main advantage is that it filters air coming through the range hood and blows the purified air back to the kitchen. Therefore, it’s an ideal option for colder days when you need more energy to heat your house.


Generally, that makes the convertible range hood a perfect unit since it gives you multiple options that will help you save some money or enjoy a warmer environment during winter.

Types of Convertible Range Hood

Remember that we all have different cooking needs, and the wide choice of convertible range hoods aims at meeting the diverse preferences. When you choose the right unit based on your kitchen type, it will help eliminate the need for new adjustments and renovations before installation. Here are various models that you can consider.

Under Cabinet

It’s the best ductless range hood option for an individual who already has an inbuilt cabinet in the kitchen and doesn’t wish to do any significant remodeling. Secondly, it’s the only choice for most renters who don’t have the authority to make substantial property changes. The installation only requires enough space beneath the cabinets, electric supply, and appropriate connection to the duct.


Still, you will find a wide selection of convertible range hoods under this category, and you are sure to find one that meets your unique needs. However, remember to measure the height between your cooking surface and the cabinet, and the width too before purchase.

Wall Mount

You may want to try out this option if your stove area is against the wall, and you have nothing over the cooking surface. The installation process is quite simple, and you can even do it yourself. Drill the wall to connect the unit to the duct. It’s more appropriate if you can manage to plug it in directly without an extension cord.

Over the Island

If you want to have the ductless range hood installation over the ceiling, you can consider the overland convertible exhaust hoods. It’s a beautiful unit with high-quality filters, stainless steel, and glass materials.


Even better, you can choose when you need to turn on the out venting or ductless kitchen hood functionalities based on the outside temperature. Remember to measure the distance between your ceiling and the cooking area before purchase.

Benefits of Convertible Range Hood

There are multiple features predominantly found in the convertible range hoods, hence the high performance. Here are various reasons why you may need to try out this unit.

Easy Installation

You can complete the installation process by following the instruction package availed within ten minutes.

High Ventilation Power

The unit contains a high-speed venting system, which aids in eliminating any foul smell and moisture to create a comfortable cooking experience.

Exhaust Functionality

The convertible range hood contains exhaust elements on both rarer and top side of the hood. Therefore, they eliminate excess heat or smoke from the kitchen to keep the air clean.

Enhances Your Kitchen Appearance

Most convertible kitchen hoods have a sleek design and create beautiful appearances from all angles. They come in various styles, which upgrades the appeal of the room.

Remote Control

Some units have a remote that you can use to regulate the fan speed and lighting from any point in your kitchen.


The modern convertible range hoods have stainless steel coating, which has impeccable corrosion resistance, enhancing their longevity.

Halogen Lighting

Most of these units come with halogen lights that enhance visibility while lighting your cooktop. It also ensures that you see what you are cooking to avoid messes.

Multiple Venting Options

The units avail external venting or recirculating options to suit varying needs.

Buying Tips

While choosing a convertible range hood, choose one that complements your kitchen style. Also, consider the mounting height, size, and filters. For the unit to eliminate fumes efficiently, it needs to be of the right size. Hence, ensure that it’s at least three inches longer than your cooking surface on all the sides. For the island model, buy a hood six inches longer than the stove.


Installing a kitchen hood prevents grease particles or smoke accumulation on the surfaces. A convertible range hood gives you great flexibility, especially when you aren’t sure whether you need a ductless or ducted ventilation system. It gives you the chance to make changes in the future.


They also come in different sizes, and if you have ample space, it would be wise to go for a larger one. Hopefully, the above guide will help you examine the discussed range hood type to make an informed decision.

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