How to Replace Range Hood Light Bulb

We all are surrounded by machines that can stop working anytime. Sometimes, we get the worker to fix, but we might have to do the replacement on our own. Are you looking for a tutorial on How to replace the range hood light bulb? Here we have discussed how to install a range hood vent through the wall, and under the cabinet.

This procedure is the same if you want to install a range hood vent through the wall and the ductless kitchen hood.

Which Bulb You Should Purchase?

Changing bulbs can be difficult for you if you don’t have proper accessories. Before changing a bulb, you need to check out the model of the bulb. Since there are different bulbs in the market that come with different sizes and shapes. So, check the model first and then purchase exactly the same that you have used before and make sure to find the best range hood bulb.


While purchasing, ask the shopkeeper to check the bulb if it works. Occasionally, some bulbs come with defects. So, you will have to go back after the installation if you don’t check before buying.

How to replace the range hood light bulb?

In order to change the bulb, first of all, you need to remove the previous bulb.

How to remove a bulb?

Get the new Lamp to install it

Precautions While Replacing Range Hood Light Bulb:

Take the necessary precautions while changing a bulb. Mostly the precautions are written on the packing of the bulb. Whenever you want to change a bulb, cover your hands with some insulator in case you are not using a suction pump. This is of least significance if you have turned the power off. Turning off the power is very important as it can hurt you badly. You might face harsh consequences.

Which Bulb Should You Use?

Many innovations have been made in household accessories, including range hood light bulbs. There used to be bulbs that had a lot of consumption of energy. But now we have bulbs that take almost nothing.

Here are some best Range Hood Light Bulbs for you:

Incandescent Bulbs:

These bulbs have tungsten filaments in them. The electric current heats the filament that generates light. The bulb has a glass to prevent the leakage of air. The bulb has an inert gas in it that protects the filament from evaporating.

The incandescent bulbs are cheap but consume much more energy as compared to other bulbs. Moreover, they have a shorter lifespan than other bulbs. You might get to change it after a few months.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps:

These are the bulbs that once dominated the market. Cathodes in the bulb, when provided with electricity, excites mercury vapors. These bulbs don’t have a doom-like glass, but round zigzag- shaped glass tubes connected with each cathode. The glass has phosphorus and a noble gas that causes the fluorescence when the mercury atoms produce ultraviolet light that causes the phosphors to glow.


They only come in white color. These bulbs are 50% more efficient than the ordinary fluorescent bulbs. They can light up to 8000 hours.


These bulbs can glow for 1-2 years easily. They are also repairable. But the better option is to buy the new one as the repair doesn’t give that efficiency as a new bulb gives.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulbs:

The LED bulb is the new sensation as it conquers all in terms of quality, timing, and fluorescence. These bulbs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and eco-friendly which make these bulbs the coolest among all. They emit no heat doesn’t matter how long they are lightened up, and they don’t get damaged in cold or hot weather , just like other bulbs.


The LED bulbs are 75% more efficient than the standard incandescent bulbs. They come with a wide variety of colors like the classic white, yellow, golden, blue, and red, etc.


The manufacturers focused on the consumption of energy and made these bulbs. They are more powerful, give more light, but still consume very little energy. The most important thing is that they are long-lasting. They can glow for 25000 hours; 4 hours daily makes 36 years of a single bulb, and that is quite an interesting figure. And they are available at affordable prices.


Moreover, the incandescent and the Compact Fluorescent Bulbs surround much more space. LED bulbs don’t surround much space that makes them more preferred over the others. They can easily be fitted in range hood vents and under cabinets very easily.


Changing a range hold light bulb is quite easy. You just need to pull the bulb off the socket and replace the other one with it. The only difficulty is to do the task with care as it can be hazardous for you as life is much more important than any materialistic thing. Hope you have got a complete guideline from choosing the perfect bulb up to How to replace the range hood light bulb?

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