How often must a meat slicer be cleaned and sanitized when in constant use?

A meat slicer machine or a meat grinder needs lots of cleaning in order for it to remain safe for using. Most individuals tend to be careless cleaning their home meat slicer as well as commercial meat slicer in a proper way. This is considered the most damaging thing you can do to your love ones and other individual’s health.

When using a dirty meat slicer machine, you will be transferring bacteria to your daily meals. However, if you fail to clean the meat from your meat slicer correctly, there will be a growth of bacteria, which might end up causing harm to your health.


As a result, you should always consider washing your meat slicer more often. However, as a newbie, you might be wondering how often meat slicer must be cleaned and sanitized when in constant use. Well, we shall help you answer that question in today’s article.

How often meat slicer should be cleaned?

First and foremost, meat slicers are highly versatile since they slice not only meat but also some products such as cheese, allowing you to get the perfect size of a perfect slice. Since a home meat slicer machine is critical, it is essential to know how often it should clean it.


For an individual home meat slicer machine, you will be required to clean it inside and out after using every time. Ensure to clean all debris of meat that are present on your meat slicer and make sure that there are no leftovers of meat debris remain on it.


However, when in constant use, how often should meat slicer be cleaned and sanitized? When it comes to a commercial meat slicer, it is highly recommended that the machine is cleaned after every couple hours. This is crucial since the machine is always in constant use. For restaurants, a manual or an automatic meat grinder has to be cleaned in every four hours, which is being the best option.

How to clean meat slicer properly?

After using a meat slicer, you should:

Why should you clean & sanitize your meat slicer machine?

You might be wondering why it is vital to clean and then sanitize your meat slicer machine. An inconsistent and improper cleaning, as well as sanitization, will lead to the buildup of food along with residues, which allows the growth of harmful bacteria. When the bacteria grow, it will end up contaminating your food once it comes into contact with it.


Therefore, these microbes will end up causing foodborne illnesses. Furthermore, failure to clean your meat slicer machine will lead to transferring unpleasant flavor along with odor to your food. Listeria Monocytogenes are the most common bacteria that are well known for growing quickly in unclean equipment and tools.


The above bacteria are commonly found in cooked and processed foods. When you ingest residue which accumulates from Listeria Monocytogenes, it will lead to listeriosis. This s by far the top cause of foodborne disease deaths in the United States of America. Usually, Listeria contamination of deli meats is the cause of illness as well as outbreaks. You should consider taking part in cleaning and inspecting your meat slicer machines every four hours if used consistently.


Most individuals, including passionate home cooks, fail to understand why cleaning and sanitizing meat slicer machine is essential. Some even fail to remove grime, stick debris, and grime. As a meat slicing machine owner, you should consider making it a routine so that it becomes a habit to disinfect and clean before using it in slicing raw meat with using meat slicer. In addition to removing harmful microbes, you will also help your machine run efficiently and effectively.


When cleaning and sanitizing your meat slicer, you should always remember these vital tips;

Preventing foodborne diseases

If you are owner of meat slicer machine, the first thing you need to consider is cleanliness to help in preventing foodborne diseases. Usually, most disease outbreaks tend to start from food services such as public food store or chain of restaurants.


Disease outbreaks are often associated with a build-up in food residues along with disease-causing microorganisms on places where kitchen workers slice their meat and other meat products.


The tools used in the kitchen are also difficult to sanitize and clean; however, it is a vital step that needs to be observed to prevent any chaotic problem from occurring. You can best prevent foodborne illnesses by;


  • Cleanliness. This is by far the most effective way of removing harmful bacteria present in your cutting tool. After using your meat slicer, you should wash it and sanitize it before storing it. In addition to that, you should always wash your hands before touching food and use disinfectants to sanitize your counter.


  • Cook your food properly. Once you have your cutting tools, hands, and counter clean, the next thing you will need to do is cook your food correctly. Make sure that your meat is fully cooked before serving it.


  • Separate. When preparing your food, you should consider separating raw meat from other food products such as fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, you should place cooked meat on a clean surface and not the one that held raw meat.


  • Store your food correctly. The best way to store your meat is through refrigeration. It would be best if you considered refrigerating all leftovers to prevent the development of microbes.


  • Get rid of spoilt food. In case you are in doubt, you should consider getting rid of your food. By doing so, you will be eliminating the chances of consuming stale food, which might result to foodborne illnesses.


In case you consume stale meat, you will end up suffering from foodborne illnesses. Therefore, you should consider adhering to the tips discussed above in order to stay clear of foodborne illnesses.

Final verdict

You can still slice your meat without meat slicer machine; however, the result will not be as expected as using meat slicing machine. This means that you should invest in a meat slicing machine if you are looking for the perfect result while slicing your meat and other meat products. However, keeping it clean should always be your top priority.


Cleaning as well as sanitizing  meat slicer machine is vital. Since you will be eating meals prepared with it, you do not want it to be filled with harmful bacteria. As a meat slicing machine owner, you should always remember to clean it more often after use. For significant results, you should consider investing in the best home meat slicer machine, which helps in cutting your meat to perfection.


When you maintain your meat slicer, it will make it last for an extended period. Additionally, cleaning your meat slicer will help you save money and aids in preventing several problems as well as medical expenses. When you do irregular cleaning, you might end up damaging essential parts of your machine as a result of juice build-up. As we conclude, we hope that you find this article helpful.

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