10 Best Home Meat Slicer Reviews 2020 | Buying Guide

In the modern-day, at least every meat enthusiast has had a chance to see a meat slicer or even heard about it. Eating perfectly sliced meat in the right size often makes the dish more appealing and delicious. Thus, meat slicers usually come in handy on many occasions when trying to prepare a meal for your family and friends. 


Hence, instead of continually purchasing pre-cut meat at extra costs, this machine could help you save on these inconveniences and messes caused through meat cutting by knives.


There are  several of the best home meat slicer models currently available in the market, all with differential features making it challenging and confusing to acquire the best.

Here are the top 10 best home meat slicer in 2020 to select from:

Listed below are the detailed reviews of some of the best home meat slicers currently available in the market.

Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat SlicerChef's Choice 615A Electric Meat SlicerCheck On Amazon
CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food SlicerCUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food SlicerCheck On Amazon
OSTBA Meat and Food SlicerOSTBA Meat and Food SlicerCheck On Amazon
NESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Food SlicerNESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Food SlicerCheck On Amazon
Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food SlicerCuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food SlicerCheck On Amazon
KWS MS-6RS Premium Electric Meat SlicerKWS MS-6RS Premium Electric Meat SlicerCheck On Amazon
Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food SlicerKitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food SlicerCheck On Amazon
BESWOOD Premium Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food SlicerBESWOOD Premium Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food SlicerCheck On Amazon
Valley Sportsman Stainless Steel Electric Food and Meat SlicerValley Sportsman Stainless Steel Electric Food and Meat SlicerCheck On Amazon
Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Meat and Food SlicerWeston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Meat and Food SlicerCheck On Amazon

1. Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

Looking for a high performing and affordable best home meat slicer for home use? Then you are in the right place because this model guarantees efficiency in meat slicing. This electric meat slicer is wholesomely constructed with all its structural parts manufactured from cast aluminum and stainless steel, all of which ensures strength and durability.


The meat slicer also comes with a very powerful high torque motor coupled with a gear drive which ensures efficient slicing on any meat texture or thickness. The device is also designed with easily removable parts such as the blades, food carriage, food pusher, deflector, and thickness guide for easy cleaning to maintain proper hygiene.


This meat slicer is further multi-purpose designed with the 7-inch blade, which can be set to slice the meat at different sizes from very thin slices to about three-quarter inch thick slices at the preference of the user.


This device is also installed with a tilted food carriage locked into position by a special button that ensures fast and efficient slicing of meat while maintaining the safety of the user.

  • They are easy to use
  • They are versatile
  • They are long-lasting
  • They are multi-purpose
  • They are easy to clean
  • Small parts hence unsuitable for large meat pieces
  • Does not include smooth blade in packaging

This product is the best in the market since it comes with numerous features that guarantee an efficient meat slicing exercise while at an affordable price for many people.

2. CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer

CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer

This model of home meat slicers from CUSIMAX suppliers also qualifies as the best in the market as it is efficient and produces excellent resultant meat slices as per the desires of the user. These meat slicers usually come with hidden track design and an easily removable blade system, which makes it very easy to clean.


The machine is also safe to use since it has an on/off switch to control its operation, a blade safety guard, food pusher, suction enabled rubber feet for sturdiness and stability among other features all which ensure enough safety measures and accident can easily be avoided.


The meat slicer also has an adjustable thickness knob, which allows for adjusting during food slicing from super thin to about three-quarter inch thick slices for varieties of meats and user preference. This device is also designed with an advanced system of bearing and belt drive structure for moving the blade. This requires no lubrication and is much durable, easy to maintain, and operate.


This model also comes installed with a super sharp, smooth 7.5-inch stainless steel blade, which ensures efficiency in cutting by being fast and even during slicing.

  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable slicing thickness
  • Easy to operate
  • Very safe to use
  • Versatile applicability
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Non-detachable carriage creates inconveniences
  • Can’t slice through frozen meat

This meat slicer is versatile, and with the unique design and the powerful blade, it comes highly recommended for home users who value perfection and efficiency.

3. OSTBA Meat and Food Slicer

OSTBA Meat and Food Slicer

This model of meat slicer works to the professional capacity for any home application. It has, therefore, for a time been trendy in the market due to its unique features, which contributes to its effectiveness.


This meat slicer comes with a safety lock mechanism, which entails simultaneously pressing the safety lock and the power button to turn it on for safeguarding the children and unplanned operations, which may result in injuries. Their strong rubber suction feet guarantee stability.


This product also comes installed with a universal 7.5 serrated stainless-steel blade which, when coupled with the 150 W motor power, results in an efficient high yield consistent, sharp meat slicing.


Moreover, this model also comes designed with easily removable features and parts such as the ring guard cover, blade, food carriage, slide-rod extension, and the food pusher, which enables the user to thoroughly clean the device to eliminate contaminations.


The machine also has an adjustable slicing thickness from super slim to ¾ inch thick slices, which enables the user to slice up a variety of foods in different sizes as per their satisfaction.


The high-quality materials of stainless steel, aluminum body, strong plastic components, among others, ensure that the device is adequately durable for an extended period of use.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly safe within the household
  • Quite affordable
  • Versatile functions
  • Usually gets a little noisy
  • Cleaning some areas has proven challenging

This model also comes highly recommended for homes due to its efficiency and more so its safety features, which guarantees both adult and children safety at home.

4. NESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Food Slicer

NESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Food Slicer

This is another best home meat slicer model currently in the market. It is designed with a silver aesthetic finish for elegance and some other unique features, which makes it a great addition to your kitchen.


This model is also designed with easy to clean features such as the sliding carriage to remove any stuck debris and for a thorough cleaning, some features such as the blade are easily detachable and easy to reassemble.


The device’s 8.7-inch stainless steel blade is usually handy since with the larger size down working the motor for maximal output and the serrated edges enabling for even smooth slicing, and the device is highly efficient.


This meat slicer also has a thickness adjustment knob, which enables you to regulate the thickness of your slices to your liking within the ranges of super-thin slices to about 9/16 inches thick.


It also comes with dual safety features, which include the handguard for keeping your hands safe during slicing and a recessed power switch, which ensures that there is NO ACCIDENTAL switching on/off on the meat slicer.


Some of the essential parts of this product are made from durable, high-quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel for the blades and pusher guaranteeing long-lasting use.

  • Versatile functions
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Power-efficient
  • Very safe
  • Very heavy and thus limited mobility
  • Occasional adjustment knob inconveniences

This product also ranks among the best since it is power efficient, durable, and safe and not to mention the high slicing efficiency, thus recommended by many.

5. Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

This is an excellent meat slicer to consider when considering professional-grade meat slicer, and it is popular among many users since it functions in a satisfactory capacity. This meat slicer usually comes installed with an easily removable 7.5 inch undulated stainless steel blade, which ensures that the meat is sliced evenly and effortlessly.


It also has an adjustable slice control knob, which regulates the thickness of the slices generated ranging between paper-thin 1/32 inch thin to about half an inch thickness as desired by the user.


The major mechanical components of this model of meat slicer are made from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum, which guarantees durability, elegance, and corrosion-free use.


The parts of the meat slicer that usually comes into contact with the meat during slicing and may contain some lodged debris are often easily detachable for thorough and straightforward cleaning exercise.


This meat slicer is also averagely sized and lightweight, which allows for a comfortable setting even in a busy kitchen environment, easy storage, and mobility since it is space conscious.

  • It is effortless to use
  • Cuts super-thin meat slices
  • Reasonably easy to use and operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight for easy mobility
  • Space conscious appliance
  • A little noisy
  • Adjustment knob backing moves during slicing

This product is perfect for home use with its size, speed, and versatile functions all ranged at a fair price hence quality product at an affordable price rating it among the best in the market.

6. KWS MS-6RS Premium Electric Meat Slicer

KWS MS-6RS Premium Electric Meat Slicer

Looking for a compact meat slicing machine? Then you are in the right place because this model of meat slicers is currently popular, remarkable, and high-performing because of its unique features.


It comes designed with a high quality 304 stainless steel blade, which is anti-rust, firm, and durable and thus offers smooth and precision sliced meat. It also has a slice thickness adjustment knob, which results in the resultant slices of different sizes ranging from super thin paper like slices to about a 0.4 inch thick slices.


This meat slicer also comes installed with an in-built blade sharpener, which occasionally sharpens the blade making sure that it stays sharp throughout the duration of use.


The product also has some safety features such as the skid-proof rubber feet for securing the slicer on a countertop to avoid unnecessary movements and a waterproof on/off switch encased in plastic to ensure minimal damage from moisture.


The tray of the meat slicer and the carriage can often be easily removed to thoroughly clean the hard to reach areas where bacteria may try to thrive in with ease and comfort.

  • Easy to use and control
  • Environment friendly
  • Works silently
  • Has a high powered motor
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality product from premium materials
  • Safe to use
  • It is very heavy
  • Limited mobility
  • Quite pricy

This product ranks among the best home meat slicers since it cuts through meat, including frozen with ease and efficiency, and this coupled with the powerful motor, the machine operates at maximal efficiency and thus recommended for home use.

7. Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer

Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer

Kitchener products are popular in the US market when it comes to meat slicing appliances as they manufacture high-quality products with unique features, which ensures that the products perform maximally.


These meat slicer models are usually high quality made from aluminum, coated by steel, which guarantees rust-free use. Also, the carriage is of stainless steel material, with some other parts being made of safe grade plastic material.


It also comes installed with safety measures, which include a total of four suction cup feet for sturdiness and a handguard to protect against accidental injuries.


They are designed for effortless cleaning since some of the parts that usually come into contact with the food are usually very straightforward to disassemble for an easy and thorough cleaning before reassembling for the next application.


The device also comes with a 9-inch universal serrated blade and bread blade for smooth slicing and a slice thickness adjustment knob, which ensures that you cut a variety of meats to your liking sizes ranging between super thin to about 5/8 inches thick slices.


The product is also of compact design, which makes it space-conscious, easy to store and move around at your convenience.

  • Versatile functions
  • Low noise emission
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use
  • Sturdy and stable during use
  • Easy to clean thoroughly
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Minimally powerful motor
  • Recommended for light meat slicing practices

This product comes highly recommended for general home users who would like to try out professional meat slicing and cooking at the safety of their homes since they are efficient in many aspects.

8. BESWOOD Premium Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

BESWOOD Premium Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

This premium quality meat slicer is famous both for commercial use in restaurants and at homes because it features warrants for the highest efficiency in meat slicing, and nothing can hold back this machine.


This meat slicer is usually equipped with a 10-inch carbon chromium-plated steel blade, which is generally anti-rust and thus will stay sharp as long as possible during an extended use period.


The machine also does not require constant sharpening since it comes installed with two sharpening whetstones mounted on top of the blade, ensuring that it maintains a razor blade sharp edges all the time.


This device also has a double illuminated on/off switch, which makes it very easy to see, thus helping the users avoid accidental power shocks, and the skid-proof rubber feet also ensure stability, therefore overall offering protection and safety during use. It thus meets standard requirements by the ETL, FDA, and the NSF.


The chromium-plated steel blades, aluminum body, and heavy-duty plastic parts ensure that the device is strong and durable to the entirety of its use.


This model of meat slicers also comes with an adjustable slicing knob, which enables the user to slice meat within the range of zero to half an inch thickness, thus satisfying different applications.

  • They are reliable and durable
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Operates silently
  • It is safe
  • Very versatile
  • It is quite heavy
  • Limited mobility
  • A little challenging to clean

This product’s high performing motor and blade technology has made it very efficient when dealing with meat slicing for a larger family or crowd as it will guarantee fast and efficient work; thus, it is highly recommended in the market.

9. Valley Sportsman Stainless Steel Electric Food and Meat Slicer

Valley Sportsman Stainless Steel Electric Food and Meat Slicer

This is also another best home meat slicer model with a compact design which enables for easy slicing of the meat at preferred comfortable locations due to some of its enabling features such as size and weight.


This is a heavy-duty machine manufactured from high-quality materials, mainly stainless steel, which guarantees that the device is sturdy, strong, and durable for prolonged heavy use.


The device also comes installed with a universal 8.7 inches stainless steel blade, which ensures that the meat slicing is efficient, and due to its large size, the RPMs of the blade are usually low on normal motor function; thus, it does not strain the motor in maximal slicing.


The meat slicer also has an adjustable meat slicing thickness knob, which enables the user to slice the meat of their preferred thickness ranging from paper-thin to thickness of about 9/16 inches.


Some of the features designed into this meat slicer can usually be detached easily during thorough cleaning and reassembled again, making cleaning an easy task, thus helping fight contaminations.


The meat slicer is also designed with safety features such as the non-slip rubber suction feet for sturdiness and the illuminated on and off switch beside the thickness adjustment knob to guarantee the safety of the user at all times by creating awareness.

  • It is long-lasting
  • Very easy to clean
  • Adjustable slicing thickness
  • Safe for meat slicing at home
  • Versatile functioning
  • Works silently
  • Not recommended for large quantity slicing
  • The blade usually rotates slowly

This meat slicer’s portability and efficiency make it ideal for small kitchens where it has to be stored and removed whenever the need arises. It is thus perfect for many households.

10. Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Meat and Food Slicer

Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Meat and Food Slicer

This is another model from the Weston suppliers, which usually qualifies as the best in the meat slicing industry since its unique features guarantees for excellence during the meat slicing.


This meat slicer usually comes with a 9-inch stainless steel blade, which ensures that the slicing of the meat is most reliable by being perfectly and evenly sliced.


The device also has an adjustable thickness control knob, which helps in the regulation of meat slices within the range of deli-thin to approximately ½ an inch thickness.


These products are also designed for durability with the steel body and the belt-driven motor system, which is more durable and operates quietly with minimal noise emission.


The food pusher usually comes with teeth for firmly holding on to the piece of meat for steady and controlled slicing. Also, the feet are suction cup designed for further sturdiness and safety during meat slicing.


The food tray usually tilts out for easy cleaning while other features are usually removed from the device easily for a more thorough cleaning making the cleaning process very straightforward.

  • Effortless cleaning process
  • Space conscious since compact designed
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Strong and durable
  • Safe to use
  • Occasionally comes with substandard weal plastic gear system
  • May produce a little uncomfortable noise

This best home meat slicer is very efficient in the current market, making it one of the most sought out models because of their favorable sizes with the tremendous features all constituting a fair price tag, making them affordable to many.

Buyers Guide to The Best Home Meat Slicer 2020

A meat slicer is a term used to describe a type of machine designed and operated either manually or powered by electricity and used in butcher shops and even homesteads to slice meat into desired pieces. These machines are also popularly known by others as slicing machines or deli slicers. They are not only used in meat slicing, but they can also be used to slice other food products such as sausages, cheese, vegetables, among others.


They have grown popular since they illustrated high levels of efficiency in terms of time, money, and effort conservation through some of its tremendous benefits.

1. What Do You Mean By “Meat Slicer?”

A meat slicer is a term used to describe a type of machine designed and operated either manually or powered by electricity and used in butcher shops and even homesteads to slice meat into desired pieces. These machines are also popularly known by others as slicing machines or deli slicers. They are not only used in meat slicing, but they can also be used to slice other food products such as sausages, cheese, vegetables, among others.


They have grown popular since they illustrated high levels of efficiency in terms of time, money, and effort conservation through some of its tremendous benefits.

2. How to use a meat slicer?

Despite the many different models of meat slicers currently in the market with different use instructions from the manufacturer, you should have the basic knowledge of how to use a standard meat slicer. These steps are detailed below.

a) Preparation step

In this step, you should ensure that you have your piece of meat ready and visible and that the meat slicer is also set and ready to go.


After this, you will have to sanitize your hands by washing them with running water thoroughly to avoid contamination of the food. You may even use disposable gloves if you can get any; however, they are not essential.


b) Positioning the meat

You will pick up the meat bulk and place it on the food tray while the flat surface rests on the ramp. After this, you will then reinforce it by placing a food holder on the posterior part to ensure it is firmly held.


Make sure that while you do these, the tray and the meat are not in contact with the blade but retracted back to the opposite side of the slicer.


c) Adjustments and powering on

The next step is to adjust the knob setting back to zero inches. Then you will turn on the meat slicer by pressing the on/off button appropriately. This will then be followed by adjusting the thickness knob to your preferred thickness for the slicing.


d) Positioning yourself

This is also an important step to consider because many people have found themselves injured by the sharp blades, or their slicing was uncomfortable with disgusting results.


Thus, you will have to draw back a little to create distance between you and the machine, but just enough that your right hand can hold firmly on to the guide stick for the tray with some allowance while the left hand can comfortably extend to behind the blade region.


e) The actual slicing

You will move the tray smoothly and slowly back and forth over the rotating blade by your right hand while collecting the sliced meat by your left hand.


f) Final touches

After completion of slicing your meat, you need to clean the meat slicer thoroughly, then package it and store it safely in a clean environment. If there is meat remaining, you will have to wrap it and store it in a freezer with a label on it.

3. How to clean meat or food slicer?

Properly cleaning your home meat slicer is a very important step as it ensures minimal bacterial growths on the slicer, which could cause infections and food poisoning. Some of the steps to follow include;


a) First, you must prepare. Here, you will gather all the essential tools needed for the cleaning process. Some of these include protective/cut-resistant gloves, soft cloths, towels, some hot water, and detergent, among others. You will also make sure that the machine is unplugged and off and the blade is set back to zero.


b) The next step will be wearing your gloves before engaging in anything because some of the sharp features might be dangerous to approach blindly.


c) This will be followed by slight wiping of the surface of the meat slicer for a light cleaning using a small brush/cloth to scrub crews, handles, knobs, etc. However, for a thorough cleaning, you will need to start disassembling some of the dishwasher safe parts from the main machine. You will then clean them and wipe them.


d) This will be followed by further disassembly of the machine to remove the essential components that might be dirty while blocking other crucial dirty areas. These components may include the food tray, sharpening stones, slice deflector, faceplate, blade, among others. These parts will be cleaned by rinsing them in hot water then wiping them with dry towels except for the blades.



  • It is important to note that the hot water kills bacteria and thus disinfects the surfaces of the parts of the meat slicers effectively.
  • You should also make sure not to use steel wool as this might scratch the surface of the slicer.
  • You should not under any circumstance deep the whole slicer into the water as a shortcut since this will damage the motor and gear systems permanently destroying your meat slicer.


e) The next step will be to take care of the blades. Whether still installed in place or disassembled, you will use hot water with a touch of detergent to clean them. This will also disinfect their surfaces while still maintaining their sharpness.


f) You will then allow all the parts to dry by air properly. Make sure that all the parts of the slicer cleaned are properly dry before engaging in the next step.


g) The next step is a simple, accurate reassembly of the meat slicer followed by a sanitizer spray to ensure that all the bacteria are dealt with. Then using a spray lubricant, you may lubricate the slide rods. You may then package the slicer and store it appropriately.

4. How to sharpen a meat slicer blade?

Sharpening stones usually grow dull with continued use and thus often require sharpening to ensure they continually operate perfectly. The steps to sharpening a meat slicer blade include;


a) Gathering the essentials

This is the preparatory phase of the process, which will see you gather the materials and equipment needed. These may include the slicer, water, clothes, towels, sharpening oil, rubbing alcohol, manufacturer’s guide, among others.


b) Engaging safety measures

This step will ensure that the slicer is turned off and unplugged from the power source. You will then disassemble some of the parts to expose the blade are and the blade. You will henceforth clean the blade with a cloth and soap water, wipe it then let it dry. You may then apply the sharpening oil on these blades afterward.


c) Securing the sharpening stone

Some of the meat slicers usually come with their own sharpening stone; however, do not despair because you may also purchase similar stones fitting to the slicer at convenient hardware stores. You only have to ensure they fit perfectly with the meat slicer.


d) Installing the sharpening stones

This step will be undertaken by those meat slicers with no sharpening stones. Utilizing the user manual guidelines, you will install the stones near to the edge of the blade and also learn how to secure them in that position.


e) Locking things in place

This step first involves unscrewing a meat slicer locking knob, then lock all the sharpening stones and the blade in place. This should be followed by placing the blade on the stones and tightening the knob to full strength, thus until you hear a clicking sound.


f) Actual sharpening

In this stage, you will re-plug the meat slicer, turn it on and allow the blade to sharpen for 30 seconds, this will be followed by similar ordeals up to three times. You will then turn off the machine and feel the sharpness of the blade. If satisfied, you may move to the next step, or if not, you may continue, consequently sharpening until sharpness is an achievement.


g) Reassembly

This entails taking off of the stones and reforming the disassembled and unscrewed knobs and components.


h) Final cleaning of the blade

This is done before any cleaning exercise to remove any metal particles. It may be done again by soap water or efficiently by rubbing alcohol. With this level of sharpness, you may need to take extra precautions.



  • It is essential to always remember that the numerous products in the market are different, and thus, you should keenly adhere to the user manual.


5. Where to buy an electric meat slicer?

Electric meat slicers are spread worldwide with certain brand dominating certain regions because of specific reasons. However, to buy the best home meat slicer, you may need to access certain market areas. The popular area is the online marketing platform. This is the area to buy most of your products with guaranteed doorstep delivery. It is convenient and popular with many people. They include online stores such as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay, among others.


The other area to buy an electric meat slicer is the physical hardware and equipment stores or specific brand company physical stores. These areas you will have to create time and physically move to for your search of the meat slicers.

6. How much does a meat slicer cost?

The best home meat slicer costs range from cheap to very expensive. This is usually dependent on the features installed in each. Thus, the average meat slicer usually ranges between 200 to 400 US dollars. However, premium-quality slicers are usually above 500 US dollars, and the substandard products usually cost to the low of the average pricing.

Frequently asked questions

i) Can you slice frozen meat with an electric meat slicer?

On occasion, yes. This is entirely dependent upon the mechanics of the slicer. This is, however, a highly discouraged practice since only a handful of the best home meat slicers can actually successfully slice through frozen meat without getting damaged. Thus, the majority of meat slicers out there will get blade and motor damage when subjected to frozen solid meat. The recommended texture is usually chilled meat.

ii) Can meat slicer cut through bone?

No. this is the definitive answer since this will surely damage the motor and blades. Thus, you should thoroughly inspect your meat before placing it on the slicer. Whenever you need to slice through bone, you may always use a saw and not a slicer.

iii) Does meat slicers only slice meat?

No. You can slice a variety of food items using a meat slicer. Some of these include bread, vegetables like tomatoes, fruits like oranges, cheese, among others. You may only need to adjust the blades between smooth and serrated for perfect slicing process.

iv) How thick are meat slices from meat slicers?

There is no standard measure to the thickness. This is because different models of meat slicers more so the best home meat slicers have different thickness adjustment levels, which allows you to slice your preferred thickness. They may extend in between paper-thin sizes to about an inch thickness.

v) Are meat slicers dangerous?

This question is all dependent on the manner of use and handling of the device. When handled properly and with care, there is guaranteed safety with no cases of injury. However, carelessness may make the meat slicers appear dangerous as it attracts injuries in such an environment.

vi) Should I use gloves when dealing with meat slicers?

It is highly recommended but not a compulsory necessity. They are essential from disposable gloves, which minimize food contamination and improve hygiene to the cut-resistant glove types, which keeps the user safe during use or cleaning and repairing.

vii) Do meat slicers make noise?

Yes, they do because they use the motor for operations, and motors vibrate while rotating emitting some form of noise. The noise is, however, faint and tolerable when around more so in the best home meat slicer models. However, too noisy meat slicers may have a problem with overworking motors and thus may have an underlying issue and may require expert opinion.

Picking the Best meat slicer for you

This requires you to consider certain factors and features of the said meat slicers keenly to ensure that you acquire the best fit for you. Some of these factors include;

The type of meat slicer

There are several different types of meat slicers; however, the most common ones are the electric kind, manual, and automatic kind. Choosing your preferred type of meat slicer will depend on the magnitude and frequency of operation and also the cost of the different types of machines. For home purposes, you may consider electric or manual since they are cost-effective.

Blade types

Knowing this is also essential in choosing the best meat slicer. This is because, despite both smooth and serrated blades being perfect, they are excellent at different product slicing. For instance, serrated is ideal for dense meats while smooth for leaner meats. Thus, you need to decide your preferred, or you may order both for convenience.


Blade sizes also matter, and standard blade sizes of 7-9 inches are usually recommended, and anything below this is usually not good for purchasing, and you should also adhere to this.

Motor power

This is also important for choosing the best home meat slicer since, the more the power, the more the efficiency and output generated. Thus, any slicer motor operating under 120 W is to be avoided since they are not capable of working optimally.

Power transmission system

Meat slicers utilize two major transmission systems of gear and belts. The gear operated variants are usually very expensive with rare spare parts and emits a lot of noise despite delivering more output and thus not recommended for simple home runs.


Belt transmissions, on the other hand, are usually cheap and work quietly and are easy to replace, making them perfect for home use.

Safety features

Before settling for one meat slicer, you should also check for their pre-installed safety features, which will guarantee you safety since this machine has sharp features which could seriously injure an individual.

The manufacturing design

This should also be a key concern to look for since this will determine the quality of the meat slicer, whether it is durable or weak due to the manufacturing materials.


Furthermore, the design might also shed some light on the ease and procedure of cleaning since you will want something easy to clean to avoid cases of bacterial growth and food contaminations.


Meat slicers are important to meat lovers as they can usually be cost-effective while guaranteeing for tasty meals. Thus having the best model in your home will go a long way in improving your lifestyle in certain ways. You should, therefore, consider some of the above factors when planning to purchase a slicer or just peruse through the list above and select one as they are the top-rated best home meat slicers currently in the market. Make sure you have something fitting to your needs as an individual.

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