Best Grill Pans Review 2020

If you love spending time with friends and family, the chances are that grilling is one of your favorite activities. Although the best grilling results were only achievable in an outdoor grill, nowadays, you can attain professional results indoors and without complicated setups, the reason you will want to get a grill pan. A grill pan mimics the experience of outdoor grilling. With this cookware, however, you do not have to get a lot of space or deal with stressful setups or smoke. To enhance your experience, let’s have a look at the best grill pans available for you.

List of best grill pans in 2020

1. Le Creuset LS2021-2667 Enameled Cast Iron

Highlighted Features

Product summary

The Le Creuset LS2021-2667 is a durable square grill pan. It features an enameled cast iron construction. Although this material makes it quite heavy, it enhances its performance for an even cooking performance. For user convenience, there are two iron-cast handles and an opposite helper handle to facilitate secure and convenient transportation.


The grill pan has ridges in the cooking area. This design imparts tasty grill marks on the food while playing a role in draining the excess fat for lower-fat food preparation. Similarly, the grill’s interior is coated using a protective satin black finish to enhance longevity by protecting it from damage and wear. The interior of the pan develops a slightly-abrasive natural patina that is suitable for frying and searing.


Its exterior features a colorful and long-lasting enamel that resists cracking and chipping. The Le Creuset LS2021-2667 is dishwasher safe, thus an excellent choice for a durable grill pan. It includes spouts on two sides to facilitate a drip-free serving. The cookware is a perfect choice for use over all heat sources, including induction, coal, gas, vitro-ceramic glass, and an electric solid plate.

Why this is a top pick

The Le Creuset LS2021-2667 can provide you with the convenience of the delicious flavor of an outdoor grill with the convenience of indoor cooking. Its ridges can allow for healthier and low-fat cooking while imparting tasty grill marks on the food. Given the cast iron enameled construction, the pan delivers superior heat distribution and retention. Plus, its two handles provide extra safety and stability while lifting the pan.

2. Calphalon Signature Hard Anodized Nonstick

Highlighted Features

Product summary

If you are looking for the best grill pan that is designed to deliver an effective performance similar to that of stainless steel, this is one of the best pans. It is crafted using lard-anodized aluminum. This material provides long-lasting durability without compromising with the cooking performance of the pan. What’s more, the pan integrates ridges on the cooking surface. As such, it can drain excess fat from the food and add grill marks on the food.


Featuring a PFOA-free nonstick surface, the grill pan is an ideal choice for searing and healthy cooking. Better, it integrates a brushed stainless steel long handle that stays cools for the secure handling of the food. The pan has a non-stick surface that browns the food evenly while allowing for effortless removal of the food. This surface doesn’t scratch while cooking, which means that you can use spoons, metal whisks, and spatulas while cooking.

Why this is a top pick

The griddle pan is an excellent choice for a grill pan that combines excellent cooking performance plus durability. Its interior surface features a nonstick material that cooks the food evenly while ensuring the fast release of the cooked items. Additionally, the interior features a ridged surface that drains the fat while adding grill marks on it. To enhance user safety, the pan includes a long handle that stays cool-to-the-touch.

3. Calphalon Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Panini Pan

Highlighted Features

Product summary

An ideal choice for the best grill pan, whether you want to sear meat, grill vegetables, or grill sandwiches, is Calphalon Contemporary Cookware. It features heavy-gauge aluminum construction. Not only does this material offer even heating for professional cooking performance, but it enhances strength to enhance longevity. What’s more, the pan integrates a strong handle. Because of this, it delivers convenience while lifting, a measure that enhances user safety.


Equipped with an interior that features three layers of nonstick coating, the pan can brown the food evenly and ensure easy release of the food. The ridged design of the interior is another plus that leaves authentic grill marks on the food while helping with the draining of unwanted fat. Plus, the pan is oven safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, a measure that makes it compatible with a range of cooktops.

Why this is a top pick

With the Calphalon Contemporary Cookware, this pan comes with a stainless-steel press, using the press you can prepare grill foods and make hot Italian sandwiches right from your kitchen. This pan features a press and multi-layer nonstick surface. Two layers enhance durability while one layer delivers a non-performance for the best user experience. Better still, the pan is oven safe and designed for use on ceramic stovetops, gas, electric cookers, halogen stovetops, or an electric ring.

4. Cuisinart 630-30 Chef's Classic Nonstick Round Grill Pan

Highlighted Features

Product summary

The Cuisinart 630-30 is a 12” round grill pan. It features a 12” interior. This surface offers a large enough area suitable for handling a lot of food at once, making it ideal for preparing one-dish meals for a family. What’s more, the interior surface features a non-stick design. Because of this, the grill pan can ensure even browning while ensuring the effortless removal of the food.


The grill pan is made using a hard-anodized exterior. This material is harder than stainless steel for reliable cooking performance over the years ahead. Also, the material provides for unsurpassed heat distribution for professional cooking performance. The pan includes a strong handle to facilitate safety while handling hot food. Its interior features a ridged design that imparts grill lines on the food while ensuring the effortless draining of excess fat.

Why this is a top pick

This is one of the best choices for a high-performance grill pan that doesn’t comprise durability or effortless cleaning. The fact that it is made of hard-anodized aluminum assures you of reliable performance for a longer period. Moreover, its cooking surface is safe to use with metal utensils because of the wear-resistant smooth finish.

5. All-Clad E7954064 HA1 Nonstick Dishwasher Square Grill

Highlighted Features

Product summary

Experience outstanding performance while grilling, with the E7954064 HA1 hard anodized nonstick square grill. It features a hard-anodized aluminum. This material facilitates fast and even heating without sacrificing the ease of clean up. What’s more, there is an anti-warp base to enhance safety and durability. The cooking surface features a ridged design. Because of this, it can impart grill lines on the food and drain the excess fat off the food.


Equally important, the cooking surface features a non-stick coating that facilitates the effortless release of the food while ensuring even browning. The E7954064 HA1 is oven safe to 500 degrees F. Thus, it is one of the best choices for use over all types of cooking surfaces. Also, it features three layers of PFOA-free nonstick coating to make clean up a breeze while facilitating the effortless release of the food. Because of the dishwasher-safe design, this pan is easy to clean. Also, it features tall rims that contain all ingredients while protecting against grease splatter.

Why this is a top pick

All-Clad E7954064 HA1 is a perfect combination of a stylish and safe-to-use grill pan. It integrates a long stainless handle that is securely riveted for safe use. The stainless handle and black pan blend perfectly to enhance style. Furthermore, it comes with a square 11” grille pan with wide ridge bottom, also pan’s tall rims play in a role in containing the ingredients while safeguarding against the splatter of the grease.

6. All-Clad E7954164 HA1 Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free Grande Grill

Highlighted Features

Product summary

Ignite your passion for cooking using All-Clad E7954164 HA1 Grill pan. It is a 13” x 20” pan. This means that it is spacious, enabling it to provide sufficient area suitable for cooking a lot of food at once. At the same time, the pan’s cooking surface features raised ridges. The ridges impart grill lines on the food and drain the excess fat to allow you to prepare healthy meals. The cooking surface has a 3-layer PFOA-free nonstick coating. Because of this, the pan offers excellent sautéing and browning while facilitating the effortless release of the food.


Something else that makes this pan a great choice is a durable construction. Particularly, it is made using thick gauge hard-anodized aluminum. This material heats up fast and evenly while resisting warping for durable performance. What’s more, there are riveted stainless handles. As such, you can expect to handle hot food safely. The grill pan is oven safe up to 500 degrees F. Moreover, it is dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning after use.

Why this is a top pick

The exceptional performance of the pan plus the easy maintenance design is one of the major selling points. It features three layers of professional-grade PFOA-free nonstick surface. As such, it can provide excellent browning and sautéing results. Not only that, but the non-stick surface facilitates the easy release of the food while the dishwasher-safe design enhances fast clean up.

7. Calphalon 2029646 Premier Nonstick Square Grill

Highlighted Features

Product summary

Unlock your culinary skills with Calphalon 2029646 Square Grill Pan. It features a durable 3-layer nonstick interior. The innermost layer improves adherence; the middle one reinforces durability, while the top one plays a role in ensuring that the non-stick surface will last. Thus, you can expect the grill pan to release the food easily and withstand metal utensils without scratching.


What’s more, the cookware integrates a hard-anodized exterior. This design enhances durability to protect it from warping. The grill pan is oven safe up to 450°F to allow you to go from a stovetop to an oven. Also, it is dishwasher safe for effortless clean up after use. Equipped with stay-cool handles, you can be sure to handle hot food safely and with much ease.

Why this is a top pick

If your definition for the best grill pan is cookware that will last for long, then you should be good to go with the Calphalon 2029646 Square Grill Pan. It has a hard-anodized exterior and 3-layer nonstick interior to enhance strength without the risk of warping and corrosion. Furthermore, the pan’s interior can withstand metal utensils without scratching to extend longevity further.

8. Cuisinart GG30-20 Nonstick Square Grill Pan

Highlighted Features

Product summary

The GreenGourmet is a 12″ square grill pan. It is made using hard-anodized aluminum. The aluminum exterior is stronger than stainless steel, while it is designed to promote superior heat conductivity for fast and even cooking results. Adding to that, it features an exclusive nonstick surface. This surface is free of PTFE, PFOA, and petroleum for healthier cooking results. The pan’s cooking surface has raised ridges. The ridges impart grill marks on the food while draining off excess fat for healthier cooking.


You can use the pan on all types of stovetops, thanks to the oven-safe design that handles temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Moreover, the grill pan is a perfect choice for cookware that is easy to clean, given the non-stick technology that protects the food from sticking. The cookware includes a long stainless steel handle. Its handle stays cool to the touch, a measure that guarantees secure handling of hot meals.

Why this is a top pick

This is the best choice for a grill pan that is safe to use. The fact that it has a nonstick coating that doesn’t contain PTFE and PFOA enables it to provide professional cooking results without contaminating the food. Better still, the cookware conforms to the FDA and European RoHS standards to ensure that it is environmentally sound.

How to choose the best grill pan

Having gotten an idea of the eight best choices available for you, which features should you pay attention to so that you can buy the best grill pan for you? Let’s have a look.

1. Non-stick interior

The best grill pans must incorporate a non-stick interior. This design facilitates the effortless release of the food while protecting it from sticking for professional cooking results without the hassle of cleaning. Although all grill pans feature a non-stick interior, note that some pans have better non-stick coating than others, Therefore, you will need to determine the quality of the nonstick surface by reading the available customer reviews. That way, you can expect to settle for a pan with a non-stick surface that resists warping.

2. Material

Similar to other cookware, grill pans are made using different materials. These materials comprise cast iron, anodized nonstick aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and enameled cast iron. Therefore, it is upon you to determine the benefit and disadvantages of each of the materials so that you can settle for the right product.


For instance, if you are looking for a grill pan that retains the heat excellently, you should opt for cast iron grill pans. Also, cast iron is the best choice for induction cooktops. However, note that these pans are heavier while compared to aluminum pans. On the other hand, aluminum cookware is lighter and highly responsive to heat change, but you cannot use it on an induction cooktop.

3. Heat distribution

The best grill pans should feature a material that ensures even distribution of the heat. The reason I recommend this is to eliminate hot spots and cold spots that result in semi-cooked meals.

4. Grade of grill lines and ridges

The grade of the grill lines is one of the crucial features to help you select the best grill pan. After all, the reason for purchasing a grill pan is to impart high-quality grill lines on the food. So, look for a pan that incorporates deep and raised ridges as opposed to dull and rounded ridges.

4. Grade of grill lines and ridges

The grade of the grill lines is one of the crucial features to help you select the best grill pan. After all, the reason for purchasing a grill pan is to impart high-quality grill lines on the food. So, look for a pan that incorporates deep and raised ridges as opposed to dull and rounded ridges.

5. Pan’s shape and size

Grill pans are available in square and circular shapes. Although most people don’t take this as an essential consideration, note that square-shaped grill pans offer more cooking area than rounded grill pans of the same dimensions. So, if you are looking for cookware with more room for grilling, opt for square-shaped pans.

6. Weight

Grill pans feature different weights, but this is highly related to the material they are made of. Although a heavier grill pan tends to feel uncomfortable to lift, the same pan provides better retention of the heat for professional-like grilling results.

7. Extra features

Some grill pans offer extra features to enhance the grilling experience. However, note that you might end paying more for these features, but they are worth considering.

8. Dishwasher safe and oven compatibility

Note that some pans are dishwasher safe, a measure that facilitates easy cleaning. On the other hand, other cookware is oven safe, which means that you can transfer them from a gas or stovetop to an oven to enhance the versatility.

9. Stay-cool handles

Well, although grill pans incorporate handles, not all remain cool to the touch while cooking. So, you might want to consider such features for better safety. Moreover, a grill pan that offers two handles is a better option given that this feature makes it more comfortable to lift.

10. Safe Material

Although grill pans incorporate a non-stick surface, note that cookware with a low-quality finish can contaminate the food. That said, ensure that you are utilizing a pan that doesn’t seep harmful chemicals into the food.

11. Grill press

Some grill pans come along with a matching press. A grill press helps you impart defined grill marks on the food for better taste and visual experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a grill pan?

A grill pan is a pan that mimics the results of an outdoor grill in a simple yet effective means. These pan feature grill lines on the cooking surface and raised ridges. The grill lines are usually raised 0.5cm high so that juices and excess oils can drip down from the food. Also, these lines create char marks on the food so that it can mimic food made from an outdoor grill.

2. What is the difference between a grill pan and a griddle?

Although some people prefer a grill pan to a griddle, note that these are two different items. Unlike grill pans that feature a cooking surface covered with ridges, griddles feature a flat cooking area.

3. What are the benefits of using a grill pan?

Create healthier food

Using a grill pan helps you create healthier meals. The reason behind this is the grill pan’s raised ridges. The ridges allow excess fat to drop off the food to facilitate the production of healthier meals. Also, grill pans can collect juices that drop from the food so that you can use the juice as sauces for other foods.


The convenience of indoor cooking

Unlike an outdoor grill where you must prepare your food from the outside, a grill pan offers you the convenience of cooking your food from the indoors. The reason is that grill pans can work with different types of cooking surfaces located in the house.

4. How should I use a grill pan?

The best-quality grill pans are made using durable metals. These materials help them to sustain medium to high heat, which makes them extremely easy to use.


Prepare the food: When using a grill pan, start by preparing the food to ensure even cooking. So, cut the pieces of food into 1/2″ thickness so that the food can lie flat.


Heat the pan: For the best results, begin by preheating the pan. You can turn the stove onto the medium-high heat setting and place the pan. After some minutes, place your hand directly above the grill pan to feel if you can feel the heat. Most pans become ready for use within 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the stove and pan materials.


Oiling: The simple tip with oiling lies in the fact that you should never coat the grill pan with oil to avoid burning the food. Instead, spray the oil on the food you are cooking for the best results. While cooking meats, you do not have to oil them since most come with their fats.


Grill the food: Place your food on the grill pan arranging it in such a way that it is adjacent to the grill lines so that you can achieve perfect grill lines.


There you have it; the best grill pans available for you to buy. Note that each cookware is suited to achieve different results, which means that you must determine what you need from the grill pan and choose one that meets our needs adequately. So, take advantage of the provided buyer’s guide so that you can select a grill pan that suits your desires.

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